The ANAR currently encompasses the following documentation: 


  • Rock Art Sites Folders: They file the field work registers that describe each one of the 510 stations of rupestrian art (comprised of 1 to 30 stones per station) registered up to date in the Archive, with their respective photographs or illustrations covering both the site and the individual rocks.
  • Cartographic Filing Cards: Where the location of each registered rock art site is shown, as well as the explorers that have studied, drawn and / or photographed it, the year and the page where the finds were published.
  • Folders of Bibliographic Documents: Which consists of the total of bibliographic documents and periodicals regarding Venezuelan rock art sites registered at the ANAR.
  • Non Bibliographical Material: Where one finds pictures and illustrations of each one of the stations and stones.
  • Folders of Bibliographic Documents From Other Countries: Which consist of bibliographic documents and periodicals regarding Rupestrian Art in other countries.
  • Bibliographic Card-Catalog: That comprises a total of 1000 bibliographic references relative to Venezuelan Rock Art generally, as well as a section of related topics (Primitive Navegation, Corporal Painting, Modern Techniques of Archaeological Prospecting…ect) and Rock Art sites from other countries, with a similar amount of entries.
  • Unclassified Material: Its corresponds to an ample numbers of documents collected since the publication of El Diseño en los Petroglifos Venezolanos (1987), which are permanently being collected and processed for integration to the Archive.

All documents referred to in this section are codified in cross-section, which allows an infinite variety of relationships that facilitate the investigator’s research work. 


  •  The folders of documents in this Archive are grouped in different anthropological categories such as Paleontology, Archaeology, Ethnology, etc. and then subdivided by countries.

3- ARCHIVE OF PERIODICALS (Anthropology in General)

  • The folders of documents in this Archive are grouped following approximately the same classification of the Archive of Bibliographic Documents.

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