Stone engravings are what we now know by the name of Petroglyphs

In Venezuela, petroglyphs of unusual width and depth of engraving (up to 10 cm.) are found bordering the Andean foothills in the Barinas state in an area 40 km. long. In Barinas, as well as the Falcón and Bolívar, states rocks have been found where the drawings appear in linear high-relief instead of the more common low relief of most petroglyphs. Murals which can be up to 30 meters long engraved at heights of over 50 mt. on inaccessible slopes of polished stone, characterize the Amazonas state

There are few examples in anthropological literature where the meaning of petroglyphs (signs which preceded writing) has been scientifically interpreted or confirmed. 

Venezuela is fortunate to have these still-extant manifestations. It should be noted that south of the Río Negro, shamans of ancient tribes of Arawak origin continue to use and interpret them in ceremonies of masculine and feminine initiation.

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