The colors that identify each of the Rock Art Sites, as well as its text, logo or map, correspond to the conventions used the ANAR from its beginning, and do not have any other connotation whatsoever


White grooves are shown in some petroglyph photographs on this page and other publications on the subject. This is due to techniques, tools and methods or procedures used in the past by researches from many countries, for the registration and graphic documentation of the information related.

Nowadays LAYER REMOVAL FROM THE STONES WITH BRUSHES IS NOT ADVISABLE (i.e. dirt, dust, vegetal layer), NEITHER SCRAP, PAINT THE GROOVES, DO MUD MOULDS OR USE RESINS on the stones for the same purpose, and or to bring out the image, since it annuls the work to be performed in the rock art Sites, where every piece of information from the original context is necessary for purposes of dating and conservation, among others, plus it would alter and leave the material without protection. 

With the new Digital Technologies an effective, high and neat quality documentation and registration job can be performed without having to intervene the stones or the site environment.

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