Information Services are the basic support for the development of research and the diffusion of knowledge. 

The ANAR has been growing since its creation in 1970 and today, 30 years later, it constitutes an invaluable documentary heritage that is visited by researchers in Art and Anthropology from all over the world. The ANAR possesses field trip registrars, cartography, photographs and drawings that can guide the most demanding of explorers in the search and description of these rupestrian sites. 

The ANAR possesses a documentary and periodicals record of the history of Venezuelan anthropological science, focusing from linguistic discoveries up to those of paleontology, from archeology to ethno-botany, archeo-astronomy and socio-biology, as well as the history of anthropology and the crises of this science and its scientists. All of it through 70 research topics related with Venezuela and 200 with other countries. 

The bibliographic, periodicals and photographic documents of ANAR extend Venezuelan history to 15.000 years B.C. 

The ANAR is made up of materials from two organizations: Ediciones y Riquezas Antropológicas –ERA, c.a.- (Anthropological Editions and Treasures), and FUNDABITAT –Fundación Venezolana para la Preservación del Hábitat, Promoción y Defensa de las Culturas- (Venezuelan Foundation for the Preservation of the Habitat, Promotion and Defense of Cultures)

As a Reference Center and Information Service on Rock Art, it remains in long term temporal custody at the Fundación Tamayo

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